All your content is accessible from anywhere by your target group

MedLi is a unique total solution that makes all types of content accessible to your target group. Attractively and clearly presented in a secure and stable online environment. With MedLi, you can fully focus on the content and the target group.

Your content, your resultaat

Online content is the way to connect people. Catchy content is worth its weight in gold. It attracts audience, attracts clients, generates revenue. You naturally want to be in control of that content and gain from this. Your content, your results. MedLi helps you make content available anytime, anywhere, and redeem its value in the form of revenue and data.

What makes MedLi so unique? All types of content on one platform.

MedLi is more than just video. The platform can accommodate all forms of content: video, audio, live broadcasts, magazines and books. Publishing and monetizing your content has never been easier. Unique content from before the digital age often lies unused on the shelf for years. MedLi can help you unlock older content by digitizing these recordings and adding value to your business.

“Video platforms like YouTube make money not only by making content available, they also collect valuable data. MedLi ensures that you keep control and enjoy the benefits”

The convenience of MedLi

MedLi offers a complete customized solution. We take care of all practical matters so that you only have to focus on the content. The flexible design makes it possible to add new components:

• Payment services
• Sales and contracting
• Marketing
• (tech) Support
• Fan shop

Thanks to the flexible design, the MedLi platform can easily be expanded with new brands or areas of interest

“As a consumer you decide for yourself where, when, and how you watch. However, due to the large fragmentation and the enormous supply of moderate quality, you can no longer see the forest for the trees. MedLi makes your audio, video, magazines and books easily accessible in an attractive environment, adding value to new and existing content”

“Being able to access special content, such as books, magazines, and unique archive material, makes you unique and relevant.

That way you create a unique experience for your target group and add extra value to your content”

15 reasons to choose MedLi

MedLi for you

1. Full control over your own content and data
2. Your own earnings model, no payment to others
3. Decide for yourself whether and how you use advertising
4. Simple and fast uploading, publishing and streaming
5. Always 100% up-to-date technology
6. Clarity about investments and usage costs
7. Option to connect performance dashboard
8. Possibility of using 100% of your own branding
9. Support options for, among other things, marketing and sales
10. Optional fan and ticket shops

MedLi for your target group

1. A 360-degree experience with all types of content
2. Stop searching: top quality, clearly presented
3. Accessible anytime, anywhere, on all screens
4. Providing access to unique and exclusive (archive) material
5. Pay securely using trusted methods

MedLi consists of three basic packages which, in combination with the optional services, always let us get to the perfect solution for your situation. Contact us. We are happy to learn about your needs and make an offering that’s right for you!

MedLi Basic

The easiest way to unlock all types of content for your target group. In several languages, accessible through a trusted system of (paid) subscriptions.

MedLi Medium

The extensive option to get the most out of your content. High quality casting, live streams: anything is possible. Moreover, make your proposition even more attractive with vouchers. Ideal when you work with (affiliate) partners.

MedLi Pro

The optimal MedLi experience. Organize your content exactly the way you want it and target your target group to the finest (international) level. Manage the content rights and make optimal use of social media via a sharing option.


MedLi offers endless possibilities. For example, adding your own fan shop full of exclusive products, such as for We will continue to develop MedLi and add new features.

Are you thinking of specific options, such as your own app? There are many possibilities so please contact us and we are more than happy to discuss it with you!

About MedLi

Erik de Zwart

MedLi is an initiative of Erik de Zwart. MedLi arose from the personal desire to make unique, special, and valuable content available to a large audience, without relinquishing control. MedLi has been developed from the perspective of the user, not from the technology.
Erik de Zwart: “As an experienced media entrepreneur, I know the value of content like no other. But content is worthless if it is not easy to find or is not attractively presented. By having MedLi developed, I was sure that we would meet those conditions”